Thursday, November 17, 2011

This week's ruckus...

Hey there folks. Not too much to share other than our exciting night of music this Friday, Nov.!...this month is flying by. I'm soooo looking forward to an orphan potluck thanksgiving with friends next week. Since I jumped ahead to that I'll go ahead & mention we will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 24th so we can eat too much food, drink too much booze & end it all with an afternoon snooze!

First things first...check out the acts for Friday. Music starts at 7:30pm. byob & wine (sugg. $3 tip if you bring in your own) Be sure & come hungry 'cause we'll be serving up our delicious sandwiches, soups & treats all night! Save a little money for the musician tip basket that we pass after each set. Our shows are always free so every little bit helps to keep these nights going. Thanks for all your support!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bi-coastal community...

Hey there folks! We have an exciting weekend to tell you about. For the past couple of years this community has been sharing music, art & their homes with one another. Melissa Diaz started a great project called Open House where different artist & musicians come together for one night in an apt. in Brooklyn & display their talents & more importantly, commune. So many friendships & opportunities have come out of this event & it deserves to be shared with all of you in the Roots community who may not have been involved so far.

If that's you don't be discouraged or feel left out. This is your weekend to become a part of this great community with the 9th installment of Open House. This time however Brooklyn won't be alone in this. All the way in LA there will be another community doing the same kind of event at the same time & there will be live streaming to bring the two that's creative community outreach!

Here are the details: Open House / Coast to Coast / Nov. 12, 8pm-12am / Featuring: two apartments of artwork + sculpture in the garden of Quarter ( Also, live music by: Ryan Lamm, Doug Drewes & Parade Grounds. (676 5th ave, Brooklyn, NY / 1st & 2nd floor apartments + Quarter Bar on the ground level)

Don't forget about our usual weekend happenings at Roots Cafe. This Friday, Nov. 11th we have a great night of music with local talent & friend, Gabby Ess followed by the traveling bluegrass sounds of  Hickory Strings.

As always, byob & wine. Sugg. $3 tip/donation to cafe if you bring in your own. We will be serving our full menu of food, coffee, teas & specialty espresso & seasonal drinks including our Autumn Latte, ginger spice apple cider & hot cocoa. We will also be featuring some new food items. Come try the Chili cheese burrito or the Holiday wrap with turkey, cornbread pecan stuffing, gravy & cranberry sauce. Happy Holidays indeed!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

All the way from Alabama...

...welcome my dad to Brooklyn everyone! A few months back I asked him to mail me up some of his photography so I could hang it in the cafe. I later came up with the idea to do some of my found object frame work around those photos. I was able to put together seven great pieces for a show that will be hanging the entire month of November at the cafe.
 I am calling the collection "Weathered". No, not in honor of that horrible song by Creed. I call it that because its a collection of photos ranging from the 1980's to the present that capture some of the rustic scenery of my home town & surrounding areas. All the materials I used were found mostly here on the streets of Brooklyn already rusted over & weathered that I then altered a bit to fit the pieces.
 I would to hear your feedback on the pieces throughout the month. More so, I'd love to see you all at the opening tonight, Thurs. Nov. 3rd 7-9pm. There will be lots of live music from Gypsy George, Brother, Sister, Barnyard Brothers & my dad himself, Glenn Hamm. Come share in this special night with us.

 Don't forget to come out & hang Friday night as well for our usual music & good times 7:30-10:30pm. Sharing the bill will be: Alex mallet, Matt Frye & Shy Town. Byob & wine. (sugg. $3 tip if you bring in your own)