Friday, October 14, 2011

No sleep 'til....

 Hey folks. Sorry I've been absent for the past couple of weeks...well, I'm not that sorry. I've actually had a couple of amazing weekends of travel. I hit the open road with my good buddy Jonathan Durham to do a crazy performance art piece for some students at UVA in Charlottesville, VA.  It involved: a detour to New Jersey to buy a snake, Jonathan in a skimpy dress & red wig, a lunch date with the two of us & three margaritas each & napping in the van. Good times Indeed!

  This past weekend Randi and I had an amazing trip to the Beautiful town or Burlington, Vermont with our good friends Mike & Tina. The first night we went to a local bar & partied like it was 1999!...seriously, it was a 90's themed hip hop night.
The next few days involved lots of shopping, eating & enjoying the mountains, trees & the lovely lake Champlain. We made sure to take time out for some free samples at the Magic Hat Brewery & Ben & Jerry's Creamery as well. The first part of the drive home was amazing. The highway was surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature I have ever seen. ...Fast forward a few hours to around midnight, 10 miles from home & we get stuck in traffic on the BQE for over an hour. Ah, Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in. Seriously though, its good to be back home & back in the groove of serving this great community.

Join us this weekend for some great music & general good times. Tonight we have our normal Fri. night of music starting up at 7:30. As always byob & wine. Please bring a sugg. $3 donation if you bring in your own brew as well as some money for the performing artist. Be sure & save enough for our delicious food & coffee as well. We are serving up our fall specialties including homemade pumpkin pie & ginger spice apple cider. Check out the videos below for a sample of tonights music:

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