Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roots & beyond...

 This week we'd like to invite you all out to a very special event we've dubbed "Roots in the round." On the eve of Friday, Aug. 26th we will load up the posse and bring our humble lil'scene over to our wonderful neighbors at Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, 315 Columbia St.. (we will be closing Roots early at 5pm) The fine folks at Jalopy invited us to host a great night of roots music on their stage & boy howdy did we round up some amazing musicians for it.

 Throughout the show these artist will share the stage & rotate sets of both original & familiar covers to sing a long to. Music starts up at 8pm sharp! This is sure to be an action packed evening of in your face awesomeness that you must see to believe!...otherwise, how would it be in your face awesome? Anyway, check the videos below to get a small taste of this action i speak of.

Hope to see you all there! Before that be sure to stop into Roots cafe this week for some amazing coffee & food. Always happy to serve this beautiful community.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roots gets CRUNK!

...ok...so I actually don't even know what that means...just thought it sounded right considering we are doing a hip hop / soul night this Friday, Aug. 19th. Our good friend Rabbi Darkside will be hosting the evening with some amazing acts: Dollar Coffee (Albert Ryhmstein & BS), Shawn Randall & Duv Real Muzik + special guest!
 Since Dollar Coffee will be performing we will be doing $1 coffee all night. ( hot or iced) & as always byob & wine + "FREE" PBR on the down low. We appreciate tips as they help us continue to provide these services & free music every weekend. We will also pass the tip basket for the artist performing throughout the evening.

 Come in this weekend & check out some of our new menu items & have a relaxing morning or afternoon with us. We are always happy to serve this great community that is South Slope. Come grow together with us. Be well everyone. See ya'll real soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art & music happenings...

The summer is winding down but here at Roots we are still going wide open with new local art monthly & music every Friday night. This month on display are the works of Jillian Rose. Opening reception Thursday, Aug. 11th, 6:30-9pm.

This Friday, Aug. 12th we have a full line up of great local talent starting at 7:30pm. As always byob & wine + "FREE" PBR (be awesome & leave a friendly tip for these services.) Here's what to expect:
       7:30 / Margaret Glaspy , 8:15 / Sugar Wolf , 9 / Rabbits in Raincoats

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're still rockin'!

Hey folks. It's been quiet a while since I've updated here. The summer has been busy & rockin' at Roots so I sometimes forget to post everything that's happening. We have lot's of new sandwiches (BBQ Bird and the Country Boy with house made BBQ sauce & slaw + a fresh veggie wrap called "Granny's Garden" & iced drinks (teas, giner mint lemonade & cucumber lemon water)  that are perfect for your summer cravings. (Sorry kids...still no smoothies or frappamochalatechino's.)

We have a great line up of music this Friday starting at 7:30pm with Daniel Harnett / Sean Lauder / The Famous Winters. (BYOB & Wine. $3 sugg. donation. + "free" PBR...Tips mucho appreciated!)
Come relax on a warm summer's eve & share in the community that is Roots Cafe. Be well folks!

                                            Daniel Harnett

                                           Sean Lauder

                                            The Famous Winters