Thursday, November 3, 2011

All the way from Alabama...

...welcome my dad to Brooklyn everyone! A few months back I asked him to mail me up some of his photography so I could hang it in the cafe. I later came up with the idea to do some of my found object frame work around those photos. I was able to put together seven great pieces for a show that will be hanging the entire month of November at the cafe.
 I am calling the collection "Weathered". No, not in honor of that horrible song by Creed. I call it that because its a collection of photos ranging from the 1980's to the present that capture some of the rustic scenery of my home town & surrounding areas. All the materials I used were found mostly here on the streets of Brooklyn already rusted over & weathered that I then altered a bit to fit the pieces.
 I would to hear your feedback on the pieces throughout the month. More so, I'd love to see you all at the opening tonight, Thurs. Nov. 3rd 7-9pm. There will be lots of live music from Gypsy George, Brother, Sister, Barnyard Brothers & my dad himself, Glenn Hamm. Come share in this special night with us.

 Don't forget to come out & hang Friday night as well for our usual music & good times 7:30-10:30pm. Sharing the bill will be: Alex mallet, Matt Frye & Shy Town. Byob & wine. (sugg. $3 tip if you bring in your own)

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