Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter sucks!!!

We've all experienced the long, cold winters of NY! I'm sure we've all said, or at least thought to ourselves as we slip on the ice or shovel our way out of our apt....*#@*^# WINTER SUCKS!!!
However, we all know the reality is that winter in NY is a magical time to gather with friends, drink hot coco & cider & celebrate the warmth we find in community.

So...let's do just that! Please Join us for the Roots Holiday Ex-STRAW-vaganza: "WINTER SUCKS!"

An Installation comprised of re-purposed plastic straws and recycled materials.
Melissa Diaz and Jamey Hamm

Also featuring Seasonally inspired Artworks, Ornaments, Snow Globes, and Trinkets for Sale!

Opening Reception
Thursday, December, 8, 2011

Featuring Music by:
Dan Bindshedler:
& Erica Buettner

Also join us for an amazing line up of music Friday, Dec. 9th starting at 7:30pm. (check out the videos below) As always byob & wine. Free show. Please bring a small donation for the cafe if you bring in your own beverage & save some to tip the musicians. We will be serving our full menu of food & drinks. Try the new candy cane mocha. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-latte'!

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