Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank you for being a friend...

Hello everyone! How many of you started singing the Golden Girls theme song when you read the header...ok, just me? Anyway, I wanted to say a quick thanks to you as a community for your continued support with the cafe. Without you this wouldn't be fact it'd be pointless...& way less fun. I love this neighborhood & am proud to serve you daily.
I mean seriously,... whats better than having your friends stop by & hang out with you at work? Well...maybe hanging outside of work...but it's still pretty awesome anyway. So on that note, let's all hang together tonight for some live music & good times. As always byob & wine. (If you do...please buy a little something or leave a tip of sorts to help out) I'll be making my sandwiches & coffee throughout the night so come hungry!
 My good buddy Chris Q. Murphy will be hosting the night & playing his own solo set followed by, "For Everst" Music starts up at 8pm sharp!

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