Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rheanna Downey this Friday!

Come one & all to Roots cafe this Friday @ 8pm to delight yourselves in sweet & savory treats, superb coffee drinks & stellar music!

This week are two dear friends of mine, husband & wife duo, Jason & Kanene Pipkin. They have such an amazing chemistry on stage & beautifully blending harmonies to match. There's no doubt of their love for one another & the music itself.

Not to worry though...they don't just sing a bunch of sappy love songs. Each song is cleverly crafted with a bit of wit & a lot of emotion as they...
sing stories of their love, faith, travels & adventures.

Headlining the night is San Diego based, singer/songwriter, Rheanna Downey. 

Rheanna Downey’s primary strengths as a musician are her prolific, original songwriting and masterful guitar playing. People who stumble into one of her shows for the first time are instantly captivated, realizing that something unique and wonderful is occurring.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her affinity for music began on the keys of a piano at the age of eight. By her tenth birthday she was writing songs. She picked up her first guitar at 13, and began playing shows professionally within two years. In her late teens, a move to Fresno, California proved invaluable as the area’s local standout musicians further nurtured her emerging talent.

At 21, Rheanna moved to San Diego and began playing local venues such as Java Joe’s, a popular venue that gave artists like Jewel and Jason Mraz their professional starts. Since then, She has shared her gift with crowds across the globe, from Seattle to Stockholm. With several national tours under her belt, as well as 3 international tours (Italy, France, Sweden, Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia), it’s been an amazing ride so far.

Come be a part of this wonderful, talent filled evening & don't forget to bring along your friends & some adult beverages for yourself.
Come in this week & see the new art work & enjoy some delicious food & coffee in comfort. As always, thanks for being a part of building this wonderful community!

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