Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So long Sandy!

 Hello neighbors. Its been quiet an eventful week thus far dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. We are so fortunate to not have any major damage and our hearts go out to those who lost businesses and possibly loved ones.
 We have been beyond busy here with so many folks not being able to get to work and we thank you for your understanding and patience as we try to keep things flowing smoothly with all the extra business coming in.
 Just a heads up to all of those Stumptown Coffee fanatics that we will be using a new Roaster temorarily until further notice. The Stumptown Roastery in Red Hook was badly damaged from the storm and they lost all of their shipments. Obviously this will affect many businesses in the NY area as the Portland branches are trying to take up the slack. Still, they are at the mercy of flight schedules & Fed Ex shipments being backed up.
 Until then we have found a wonderful local company, 40 Weight Coffee Roasters, to supply to us during this time and we would love your feedback on their product. This may be the start of us as a cafe being able to offer more variety to our customers. We will be bringing Stumptown back in the mix once they are up and running again. Until then we hope you enjoy our new coffee that we feel is on point with the quality that we have always provided.
Again, thanks for the faithful business and continued patience as we work through this together. Be safe. Be blessed. Be a blessing to others.

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