Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're still rockin'!

Hey folks. It's been quiet a while since I've updated here. The summer has been busy & rockin' at Roots so I sometimes forget to post everything that's happening. We have lot's of new sandwiches (BBQ Bird and the Country Boy with house made BBQ sauce & slaw + a fresh veggie wrap called "Granny's Garden" & iced drinks (teas, giner mint lemonade & cucumber lemon water)  that are perfect for your summer cravings. (Sorry kids...still no smoothies or frappamochalatechino's.)

We have a great line up of music this Friday starting at 7:30pm with Daniel Harnett / Sean Lauder / The Famous Winters. (BYOB & Wine. $3 sugg. donation. + "free" PBR...Tips mucho appreciated!)
Come relax on a warm summer's eve & share in the community that is Roots Cafe. Be well folks!

                                            Daniel Harnett

                                           Sean Lauder

                                            The Famous Winters

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