Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roots gets CRUNK! I actually don't even know what that means...just thought it sounded right considering we are doing a hip hop / soul night this Friday, Aug. 19th. Our good friend Rabbi Darkside will be hosting the evening with some amazing acts: Dollar Coffee (Albert Ryhmstein & BS), Shawn Randall & Duv Real Muzik + special guest!
 Since Dollar Coffee will be performing we will be doing $1 coffee all night. ( hot or iced) & as always byob & wine + "FREE" PBR on the down low. We appreciate tips as they help us continue to provide these services & free music every weekend. We will also pass the tip basket for the artist performing throughout the evening.

 Come in this weekend & check out some of our new menu items & have a relaxing morning or afternoon with us. We are always happy to serve this great community that is South Slope. Come grow together with us. Be well everyone. See ya'll real soon!

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