Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freaky Friday!!!

It's not that freaky really...but it is the 13th & we have some freakishly good music for ya! The good times start up at 7:30pm with Caroline Rose, Stephanie Allen & Jarrod Dickenson. To go along with this stellar line up we also have a massive new sound system that will surely make the music sound sweeter than ever. Come check it out & byob & wine. Food & coffee will be served throughout the night!

Be sure & try out our new drinks: Home brewed ginger mint lemonade, Arnold Palmer (half Alabama sweet tea, half ginger mint lemonade) & the REDNECK ICED MOCHA...that's right...a can of yoohoo, shaken to perfection then poured over a cup of ice & topped with two shots of Hairbender espresso from stumptown...yeah boyee!!!!

If you're free Sat. night come up to our friends on 7th ave. at Bar 4 (corner of 15th st.) to see Justin Kilburn, Gypsy George & Alex mallet band! Fun starts at 8pm.

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