Thursday, April 19, 2012

Double header this weekend...

 That's right folks, we got two amazing nights of music lined up for ya'll. Come out to support our usual Friday night ruckus of two great local artist starting at 8pm with Daniel Pearce & Ryan Hobler. As always the show is free & it's byob! There will be some PBR on I hear... for "free" but tips are always welcome.

 If you can't make it Friday...or even if you can, still come out Saturday night for some killer tunes that you will not want to miss! Starting things off at 7pm is local singer/songwriter & friend, A.D. Paige who I'm sure will be accompanied by some fine musicians throughout his set. Stick around for Molly Gene, One Whoa-man Band! She packs some serious sounds for just one little lady & rocks harder than any full outfit of wanna be screamo scene kids ever could even dream other words...she's the real deal! Case & point...see video below:
Also performing will be some friends from... sweet home Alabama....The Great Book of John. They played last year & killed it so I'm super excited for them to be back with us here in Brooklyn. Here's a sweet video of them doing an awesome cover I'm sure you'll recognize & be delighted to hear.
I could see no better way to shut a party down than with the psychobilly, punk rock of Shady Hawkins. Check 'em out at

Overall this has to be one of the most exciting line ups of the past three years. I truly hope to see you all there with some good ol' stompin' boots on! Yeah Boyee!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Southern cookin' in Brooklyn!

  You know we have all the cheesy grits & sweet tea anyone could ever stomach... but now we're getting serious! Our fabulous gluten free baker has agreed to bake us up some amazing buttermilk biscuits every weekend. To top it off I whipped up my moms good ol' southern tomato gravy recipe...minus the bacon grease to make it vegan friendly. I also used a brown rice flour to thicken it so it can be a completely gluten free dish. Don't be turned off by the gluten freeness of me...I'm a southern boy & I wouldn't compromise taste when it comes to biscuits & gravy!
  Limited supply so come early!!! Saturdays & Sundays only.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freaky Friday!!!

It's not that freaky really...but it is the 13th & we have some freakishly good music for ya! The good times start up at 7:30pm with Caroline Rose, Stephanie Allen & Jarrod Dickenson. To go along with this stellar line up we also have a massive new sound system that will surely make the music sound sweeter than ever. Come check it out & byob & wine. Food & coffee will be served throughout the night!

Be sure & try out our new drinks: Home brewed ginger mint lemonade, Arnold Palmer (half Alabama sweet tea, half ginger mint lemonade) & the REDNECK ICED MOCHA...that's right...a can of yoohoo, shaken to perfection then poured over a cup of ice & topped with two shots of Hairbender espresso from stumptown...yeah boyee!!!!

If you're free Sat. night come up to our friends on 7th ave. at Bar 4 (corner of 15th st.) to see Justin Kilburn, Gypsy George & Alex mallet band! Fun starts at 8pm.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Change in plans...

 Hey there folks. Just a quick note to let you know that this weekend will be a little different with our music sched. Our normal Friday event is canceled & we will be closing shop around 8pm. Instead we will be doing a big music night on Saturday evening, April 7th, with some very special guest, Roz Raskin & the Rice cakes!!! Opening the set will be the lovely & talented Gabby Ess followed by Robin Bacior! This is gonna be an amazing night of music & community so please come out & support. Starts up at 7pm.

 Tonight, Thurs. April 5th, if you're free come on down to Rock Shop to see our friends play. Erik Emmanuelson (Grand Lake Islands) is releasing his new album & has invited some good folks to share the night with him including: The Go Round, Robin Bacior & Your Friend Kimi! Starts up at 8pm.